Some of my recent testimonials, please ask for more if you require them.

John Barlow – SkillsLoft


John has provided an excellent introduction to Prezi and has given advice and guidance on putting Prezi based presentations together. John has taken two large classes of experienced teaching staff made up of teachers, technical and administration staff and guided them through to producing their own presentations.

Staff Development Team Oxford & Cherwell Valley College


In recent years, John has planned, delivered and tracked the Transmission Based Train Control (TBTC) signalling system as part of the upgrades on London Underground.  This involved him, ensuring that the project was resourced so as to train over four hundred staff across a range of operating disciplines.  Throughout this project, John liaised with Network Operational Learning, line resources, other stakeholders as well as the upgrade/project team to meet the revised project timelines in readiness for the forthcoming Olympics.

Pat Halpin – London Underground Ltd
Learning Delivery Manager (Trains and Service Control)


I have known John Barlow for 20 years and found him to be a very capable person. The majority of that time he has spent in training and development. He has gained respect amongst his colleagues and managers for  his knowledge and experience of train systems and safety procedures. John also has a passion for computer technology and has been innovative in the use of alternative technologies when training staff. This makes his courses interesting,  fun and interactive.   He has been a key member of my team.

Dominic Paul – London Underground Ltd

Performance Manager – Jubilee Line


In my career I have worked with the following organisations

– The British Transport Police

– Operational Learning (LUL)

– Tubelines

– Cory’s Tess

– Chiltern Railways

– Alstom

– Campaign Productions (video production company)

Some of the companies I have built Prezis for…

Companies I've created Prezis for..







Recent comments (Prezi)

Introduction to a very useful piece of software, All of it, Learning something new for my teaching. John delivered very clearly, made the tuition fun, and answered all the questions. All great bit of kit, great session thanks. All Great. Oxford & Cherwell Valley College

This may revolutionise my teaching!/A new way of presenting subjects/I will use within my own teaching. Use it to teach English and Grammar, mind maps.
Oxford & Cherwell Valley College

Very helpful thanks. I would need to spend a lot of time to understand this. / Great dynamic.
Oxford & Cherwell Valley College